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Author Topic: 20" Envision - Wide Screen clarity issues.  (Read 4678 times)

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20" Envision - Wide Screen clarity issues.
« on: February 14, 2011, 04:27:07 PM »
The 20" Envision Wide Screen monitor is designed to run at 1680 x
If you want to use a resolution other than this, try the following
steps to make the screen more clear.
Press the “1” key on the monitor to bring up the OSD.
Press the down key until “Manual Image Adjust” is highlighted.
Press the “2” key to enter the sub-menu.
Press the down key to highlight “Fine Tune”.
Press the “2” key to enable the “Fine Tune” adjustment.
Press the down or up key to set the adjustment to “65” (this is the
best setting I was able to achieve with a sample I have here), but try
different settings
to achieve the best image from your customer’s particular unit.
Press the “1” key to exit from “Fine Tune”.
Press the down key to this time highlight “Sharpness”.
Press the “2” key, then press the up key to adjust Sharpness to
maximum (“3” setting).

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