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Author Topic: Monitoring Software for Admin, IT and Parents for ByteSpeed Computers  (Read 1512 times)

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Hello Forum
My name is Detective Rich Wistocki with an Illinois Police Department High Technology Crimes Unit. I have a safety initiative involving Byte Speed and training parents how to monitor those devices through software.  The new company I have continued to have a solid relationship with is
I have some schools in Will County who are going to windows tablets that are supplied by Byte Speed. Many schools are going to 1:1 technology and purchasing the ByteSpeed product. The schools are extending their liability to the home when they are giving students these windows computers without really training parents or giving them software to watch what their children are doing on the computers. My understanding from some of the schools that are using the filters to try to corral bad behavior on their machines is that the student sometimes find a way around the filter to get to where they want to go. Hoping our kids will not do bad things on these devices is not enough.  Predators know this.

This is where Spector Soft comes in as well as Be Sure Consulting.

Students need to be protected when they are online, whether at school or at home. With the new push for mobile technology in the schools, it’s best to make sure they are covered.

Parents are concerned about the fact that their kids whom may not have computers, now have been given one for home.Schools need to make sure they protect those students not only in school but when they go home. The school has extended their nexus/liability and would be held responsible if anything were to happen to that child while the child used their device when they take it home. The filters they have set in place are no match for the high school student. They are finding their way around the filters.

My Company (Besureconsulting) wants to offer a comprehensive solution.

This solution will help parents use technology to monitor the students at school and at home to make sure everyone knows what is happening. Many school districts are already using the Spectorsoft product Recon 360 and have had great results.

BeSure Consulting will educate school staff and parents on how to use the technology.

This is the future of learning in schools across the nation. The cutting edge of Byte Speed computers and their ability to bring a windows environment to every student is so important for their future. I   would love for Byte Speed to be the parent friendly solution to 1:1 technology.

 I really don't think there is a downside here. Feel free to Google me.  My background is to protect all children online especially those who are going to the 1:1 technology platform.


Rich Wistocki
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