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Adaptec Raid Card: Creating a new Array
« on: April 08, 2013, 01:46:13 PM »
Creating a Raid array with Adaptec Raid controllers.
*Warning* This guide is for creating a brand new Raid array. All data on the drives is wiped during this process.

Step 1:
Enter the Adaptec Raid BIOS by hitting Control+A when prompted during POST.

Step 2:  Enter the “Adaptec Configuration Utility”

Step 3: Select “Initialize Drives”
Step 4: Select the drives you want to prep for the Raid by hitting spacebar on the selected drives. They will highlight and appear in the right hand column. Once the drives are in the right hand column hit enter. It will verify you want to initialize the drives and when done will say initialization done. Hit enter to return to the main menu.
Step 5: Select “Create Array”
Step 6: Select the drives you want to create the Raid with. Much like we did in step 4 when we initialized the drives.
Step 7: Select the type of Raid you wish to create. Then label the array. Leave all the options as default, until the last option. It may give you a warning while selecting defaults. That is normal, select yes/ok and proceed. Under “Create Raid via” make sure to select “Build/Verify”. Hit enter on "Done". It will now create the array. It will give out another warning, that is normal. Hit enter and it will create the array and return you to the main menu.
Step 8: At the main menu select “Manage Arrays”. Select the Array you just created. The will give you a status box under where you selected the array. The status should now be “Build/Verify” with a percentage. The Raid is now being created. Once that percentage reaches 100% the array status will change to optimal. That means the array is complete and ready to hold data. At that point and can control+alt+delete and reboot the server.