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Hardware Testing Software Part II
« on: March 31, 2011, 05:00:13 PM »

There is a usefull tool called the Ultimate Boot CD that we use.  It has both of the tools listed in the Hardware Testing Software post and more.  Here is the link to their homepage:

You can run it off a CD or a flash drive.  To download go here:  If you scroll down that page it will give you a download link for a torrent.  If you don't have a P2P client you can still download UBCD from the Mirror Sites.  Whatever option you choose just click on the arrow pointing down to a hard drive.

They have a tutorial on how to customize UBCD and make a UBCD flash drive here:  You will have to scroll down to near the bottom of the page to find the tutorial on how to make a UBCD flash drive.  The gist of the tutorial is: 

1.  You download the ISO

2.  Then extract it using software that will read ISO files (such as 7-Zip)

3.  Open up an elevated command prompt and navigate to the directory that you extracted the ISO to.  For example on my Win7 machine the command prompt opens to my desktop and say I extracted it to C:\ultimateboot then the command would be :  cd C:\ultimateboot

3.  Then navigate to \ubcd\tools\win32\ubcd2usb.  So my full path would be:  C:\ultimateboot\ubcd\tools\win32\ubcd2usb

4.  Then type in and run:  ubcd2usb c:\ubcd-extracted x:  -  Where "c:\ubcd-extracted" in my instance would be C:\ultimateboot and x: is your flash drive.  In my instance my flash drive would be E: so my command would be:  ubcd2usb C:\ultimateboot E:

If you want to format the Flash drive add "/f" at the end of step 4.

If you have any questions post here or shoot us an email!
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