Author Topic: SP15 with docking station does not recognize ethernet port on docking station  (Read 875 times)

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Hello Everyone.  I have a number of SP-15 laptops in my office.   They have proven to be highly reliable and durable.  The problem I am currently experiencing is that 1 of the systems, when connected to the docking station, will not see the ethernet port in the docking station.  I now the port on the docking station is good because I connect another SP15 to it and it worked.  The specifics on the computer that is not seeing the ethernet port are as follows:  SP15, Windows 7 Pro - 64bit.  All of the system drivers seem to be up to date.  Any suggestions?  Should I download and install the docking station driver?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike, yes, I would try the LAN driver for the docking station first.

Let me know if that doesn't work or if you have any more questions, thanks!

Tony K
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